Flat Iron Steak


A fantastically economical cut, Flat Iron Steak has experienced a recent revival after being featured in many top-ranking restaurants. Taken from the shoulder of our 100% Grass-Fed beef, this traditional cut is favoured for its incredible flavour and affordability. Here at Grazers, we find it’s best when cooked fast and rare in the pan, before slicing thinly and serving up as a swanky steak sandwich or steak night special with chunky chips or dauphinoise potatoes.

Each steak approximately weighs 180g.

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Hung for a minimum of 21 days, our Beef is 100% grass-fed and slow-reared here on the family farm in the heart of South Leicestershire. The South Devon breed is well know for being a particularly tender meat, with a distinct degree of marbling which ensures the meat is packed full of flavour. All of our animals are allowed to mature slowly and naturally, which further enhances the quality and flavour of the meat. To the exacting specifications of our artisan Butcher, all cuts are butchered by hand, and prepared for you with a great deal of care and attention.