Jersey Double Cream from Fulmore Farm Dairy


  • Fresh, Pasteurised, Un-Homogenised Jersey Double Cream (280 ml)


Renowned for its deliciously rich, creamy flavour and texture, cream produced by Jersey cows is the perfect finishing touch to so many meals and recipes; whether using as an ingredient in one of your favourite recipes with Grazers meat, or as a treat over some summer strawberries, this delicious double cream from Fulmore Farm’s Jersey herd takes some beating.

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Did you know?

Jersey milk is naturally rich and creamy, and contains 20% more protein and calcium than other milks, making it arguably the best milk for making cream.

Based in Cosby, Leicestershire, just a few miles away from Grazers, Fulmore Farm Dairy specialise in fresh, pasteurised, un-homogenised Jersey milk, cream and milkshakes which have been produced by their happy herd of pedigree Jersey cows.