Lamb Shank


Taken from the back legs of our 100% Grass-Fed lamb, the shank comes from one of the most worked parts of the animal, which when cooked slowly on a low temperature, produces meat that simply falls off the bone. With an incredible depth of lamby flavour, it is no surprise that the lamb shank is a favourite cut spanning the ages.


Approximately 400g

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Hung for a minimum of 7 days, our Lamb is 100% grass-fed and slow-reared here on the family farm in the heart of South Leicestershire. The hanging process ensures our meat is tender, and further enhances the flavour which is naturally produced from the lush green pasture-fed rearing we champion here at Grazers. Our flock of Lleyn ewes crossed with Texel rams produce a lean and meaty lamb which is full of flavour and always to the highest grade. To the exacting specifications of our artisan Butcher, all cuts are butchered by hand, and prepared for you with a great deal of care and attention.