Scrag End of Mutton


  • 100% Grass-Fed Mutton Scrag End (Neck) (600g)


Grazing our lush pasture for over two years has meant the neck is an incredibly well-worked part of our mutton; as always with meat, “well-worked” translates to “well-flavoured”, so it’s no surprise that scrag end is one of the most delicious, traditional cuts. Although this cut can only be slow-cooked, your patience is rewarded with the most delicious, fall-off-the-bone meat which simply melts in the mouth. Being the sheep equivalent of Oxtail, Scrag End is perfect for rich, flavour-filled stews and casseroles to warm those winter nights.

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Our Mutton has grazed the lush green pastures here in the heart of South Leicestershire for between three and five years. Given its maturity, Mutton is naturally lean and lower in fat than Lamb, and its time spent grazing nothing but grass here in Ashby Parva has allowed for the meat to develop a bold, in-depth flavour which holds its own when combined with strong spices and condiments. Hung for a minimum of ten days, our Mutton is incredibly tender when cooked slowly, and provides a stronger flavour than the younger options of Hogget or Lamb. To the exacting specifications of our artisan Butcher, all cuts are butchered by hand, and prepared for you with a great deal of care and attention.