Our farm

Four generations of sustainable, regenerative farming

Steve and Jess with the cows on their farm in Asby Parva

We’re passionate about farming in a small, regenerative way. By supporting Grazers you are supporting a small food system, which has animal welfare at its heart.

Our mission is to encourage people to support small sustainable British farming and continue to farm in the same sustainable, regenerative way that we have been doing for four generations

Both Steve and Jess come from fourth generation farming families. Along with their three children, they continue in their family’s footsteps rearing cattle, sheep and pigs in the same beautiful South Leicestershire village where Jess’ family have been farming since the 1930’s.

Steve and Jess believe strongly in traditional, slow-reared, grass-fed farming methods, with every animal being traceable. They can tell you everything about the short supply chain from pasture to plate, and work only with British breeds, believing in the protection of our agricultural heritage.

Steve and Jess raise their animals on a grass only diet, encouraging a natural growth rate, which is free of additives and fattening aids, meaning the meat it produces is healthier for you and the environment. Behind Grazers is a small-scale family farm, one which ensures that every animal’s welfare is placed at the heart of everything they do. 

Working in the countryside 365 days of the year, Steve and Jess are passionate about the rural environment and are keen to see the reduction of food miles and food waste. Through their small, sustainable business, Steve and Jess are part of a British-centric food production, which holds far less food miles than products that have been flown and shipped from other corners of the world. With a strong nose-to-tail ethos underpinning the way Steve and Jess choose to farm and run Grazers, they ensure that no part of the animal they have lovingly reared is wasted. 

The Grazers team hope to reconnect people with the land and the quality meat this produces by making agricultural education as much a part of Grazers as the meat they produce. By buying directly from the farm itself, you can learn about the agricultural year and the benefits of championing small-scale farming, whilst supporting a small British farming family, who ensure that the meat you buy is wholesome, healthy and trustworthy.