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Regenerative , sustainable farming.

For us this means restoring and protecting the land we work, the soil and the wildlife natural to our area. By selling direct to you, we also aim to not only regenerate and sustain our beautiful surroundings but regenerate you, through the power of better nourishment.

We intend to do this through our 5 deeply imbedded beliefs:

100% Grass

Our ruminant animals are fed on a 100% grass only diet.

Grassland is vital to our environment. For generations it has been the main food source for cattle and sheep, providing all the nutrients an animal needs. Our fields contain a variety of plant species including herbs, wildflowers, and clovers. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, our grasses not only provide incredible healthy nutrition but also sustain and encourage a diverse range of insects and wildlife.

We do not believe you have to cut down acres of rainforest to harvest grain, which is then flown half way round the world for our animals to eat. We simply want to use what is in abundance right here on our small farm. By using traditional farming techniques such as mob-grazing our ruminant animals only ever eat a diet of 100% pure natural grass, all grown on our farm in Ashby Parva.

Check out the page ‘Our Farm’ for more information.

Small, farming family.

We truly are exactly that. Our family has always relied financially on our small farm. Sustainable farming  must also mean creating a fair income for the farmer and their family. Putting it simply, we want to make a living from food production without calling into question our agricultural heritage and principles.

In buying from us you really are securing our future as a small farm. In turn we are able to protect the countryside we work in, investing our time and money into projects such as introducing herbal ley to the farm which is rich in grassland species and hugely beneficial for our wildlife.

Real Food

Real food for us means slow grown , not mass produced. By selecting the right breeds, with the right diet, we let our animals grow at their natural pace, in sustainable herd/flock sizes. This is of paramount importance to the health and welfare of our animals and it also ensures the animals have developed a proper bone structure and texture in the meat – resulting in a ‘real ford experience’.

We want to minimise fast, mass produced food, which we believe harms our environment and our society. The Slow Food motto is ‘Good, clean and fair” – something we believe is worth revitalising from traditions that have been lost.

Check out the Page ‘Our Animal’s.

Nature’s Best Preservative

We passionately believe in the freezer!

Some of our meat may come frozen, this means the following:

  • The quality is never compromised.
  • A huge reduction in waste.
  • We don’t need to add any nasty preservatives or chemicals to preserve our meat.

Just like harvesting peas at the perfect moment, or fish from our seas, creating the perfect, nutrient dense meat is no different.

Freezing is nature’s way of preserving and we want to encourage all our customers to embrace this and get to know their freezer.

Native Breeds

We have specifically chosen our breeds because they are perfectly suited to our farm in the heart of the Midlands.

All our animals are slow growing, native breeds who thrive in our very low input system.

In rearing these native breeds we hope we are supporting our agricultural heritage at a time when breeds are dying out.