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Sustainable and delicious

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It’s only natural

At Grazers we farm responsibly, allowing each animal to be reared naturally, with a diet which nature intended. Under the very same ethos, we choose to freeze all our produce at the point of butchery, meaning there’s no need for any nasty, artificial preservatives or additives; put simply, we believe that freezing is ‘nature’s own preservative’.

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Quality assured

All our meat is frozen at the point of butchery, which locks in all that fantastic freshness, flavour and nutritional goodness. By choosing to operate this way, we also ensure that you get the longest possible shelf life at home once you’ve defrosted it.

To make sure the quality doesn’t alter after freezing, we’ve done lots of tests! We’ve cooked everything from sausages to steaks, chops to joints, both with and without freezing and we quite truthfully cannot tell the difference.

Maximising convenience, minimising waste

By offering our entire range already frozen in perfect portion sizes, we hope to maximise convenience for you. You can pop the contents of your order straight into your freezer and pull out cuts as and when you need them; no waste and absolutely no compromise on the taste and texture of the meat.

We put a lot of care and effort into rearing our animals, too much for their meat to be wasted. With this in mind, we choose to run Grazers with a ‘nose-to-tail’ ethos, meaning absolutely no part of the animal is wasted. As with any business, there will always be the less popular products — Butchers are no different — and so freezing helps us to manage the stock of every single part of the animal, ensuring each and every cut ends up on a plate.

Making our meat accessible to all

Instead of filling a butcher’s counter with fresh meat, we stock our freezers with enough meat to fulfil our orders — by operating this way, we make sure that none of our produce is wasted due to certain cuts not being bought before their fresh ‘sell-by’ date. As such, we have eliminated the risk of unexpected costs due to wasted products — this helps us to keep our prices at a competitive level, in the hope of making our pasture-fed meat accessible to everyone.

It’s time to embrace frozen!

The purpose of this page is to firstly explain why we choose to freeze all our produce, and secondly help to highlight the extensive list of benefits which come with frozen meat.

To recap, Frozen:

  • Means absolutely no need for artificial preservatives and additives.
  • Has the same quality of taste and texture as fresh.
  • Enables us to extend our sustainable farming practices into the sale of our produce.
  • Allows us to run a ‘nose-to-tail’ operation, with no part of the animal being wasted.
  • Helps to minimise food wastage at home.
  • Keeps our prices competitive and accessible to all.