Cumberland Pork Sausages, 6-Pack


  • 6 Hand-Twisted Cumberland Pork Sausages


Known for its distinctly herby and peppery flavour, the Cumberland Sausage is one of the best known British classics, and has been around for over 500 years!

Being slightly more coarse in texture, the Cumberland recipe allows for the delicious flavour of our naturally free-range Pork to hold itself up to, and compliment the aromatic mix of herbs and spices whilst still maintaining the tender and succulent qualities which come with our naturally slow-reared meat. The natural casings allow the meat inside to breathe, which further aids the infusion of our meat with our mouth-watering Cumberland recipe, meaning that they will impress meat-lovers and sausage connoisseurs alike.


Naturally free-range and forage-fed here in the orchard on our family farm in the heart of South Leicestershire, our pork is matured at a slow and natural rate, ensuring a high quality of meat. The Gloucester Old Spot breed is renowned for flavour, having been awarded the ‘Traditional Speciality Guaranteed’ status, along with other notables such as Champagne and Parma Ham, and as such, every joint and sausage we produce is packed full of flavour and quality. To the exacting specifications of our artisan Butcher, all cuts are butchered by hand, and prepared for you with a great deal of care and attention.