Nose to tail

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Nose to tail

Taking a visit to the supermarket, you might be led to believe that pigs, cows and sheep are made up of legs, chops, steaks and mince. In the real world however there’s a wealth of delicious cuts to be enjoyed and we are here to promote them!

British agriculture, before becoming industrialised and commercialised, was a patchwork of smallholdings and small farms. Animals lived in small flocks or herds and were treasured in their local area for producing milk, eggs and wool as well as for their meat.

Lower volumes of animals meant that when one was slaughtered, every last bit of the carcass was precious.

Fast forward to today and consumers are surrounded by food, all year round. Meat is no longer a luxury or vital source of protein but an easily accessed commodity which is consumed at a rapid rate. Due to the manner in which supermarkets present meat products consumers have lost all connection to the animal that has produced it. Supermarkets have incredible buying power and it is this power that has encouraged a limited array of cuts – usually ones that must fit the exact same packaging.

Legs, shoulders, steaks and chops dominate the shelves, but what is happening to the rest of the carcass?

Most will be made into mince, ready meals, pet food or worse – thrown away.
Haven’t we come far since the 1940’s when every part of the animal was used and valued!
It is this lack of consideration and care by mass food providers that was, in part, the driving force behind Grazers.
This lack of consideration is three fold – for our animals, for the hard work it takes us, the farmer, to produce the animal and for the consumer who has lost variety and the taste of many delicious cuts.

Here at Grazers we passionately promote a Nose-to-Tail ethos. This means making the most of every carcass that goes onto our butchers block and therefore offering cuts you may not have come across before.

This in turn creates huge challenges for us. Think about it this way – one bullock produces only 2 fillets, meaning that once the fillet is sold there is still a huge amount of Beef still to sell.
Luckily for us buying trends are changing and the old cuts are becoming more popular again.

So if you choose to ‘Join Our Flock’ here’s what you can do for us and our small farm – why not try a Rolled & Stuffed Lamb Breast Fillet rather than a Leg of Lamb? Or Shin of Beef rather than a Rib of Beef? Or maybe Pig’s Cheeks for a seriously tender and flavoursome slow-cook rather than that Tenderloin?

This way of buying your meat may take a little bit more imagination but you’ll find some of the tastiest treats along the way AND you’ll be part of a sustainable food chain!